Netsia Showcases in Mobile World Congress 2019

Netsia exhibited at the Mobile World Congress 2019, one of the world’s biggest technological events, in Barcelona with its’ latest solutions and demonstrations. This year Netsia was a sponsor to Open Networking Foundation’s Exhibiton Stand with a demo station of its’ own and held an intensive “Power Hour” session on “Multi-Access Telco Edge Cloud for Fixed Mobile Convergence”.

You can download Netsia’s Power Hour presentation right here:

Netsia Power Hour – Multi Access Telco Edge Cloud for Fixed Mobile Convergence

Netsia Team at the MWC 19

Netsia’s Multi Access Cloud solutions were demonstrated to the visitors also were the RAN Slicing and ONAP integration components which Netsia developed. Bülent Kaytaz, CEO of Netsia, commented: “Netsia is pleased have contributed RAN slicing and ONAP integration components of the ONF’s MWC 2019 demo.  By offering SDN control of the RAN access layer, operators are able to deliver multiple service offerings over a single infrastructure while delivering an enhanced user experience. This is all accomplished by better utilizing licensed wireless spectrum – one of any operator’s most precious resources.

Turkey’s Minister of Transport and Communication Mr. Mehmet Cahit Turhan and Deputy Minister Mr. Ömer Fatih Sayan visited our stand, observed the demos and received detailed information as Turkey intends to be a flag-bearer in adopting 5G and Netsia’s patented technologies will be the cornerstone of unlocking the full potential of 5G.

Take a look at the below animations to see what Netsia’s RAN Slicing and Multi Access Cloud Solutions will enable when 5G arrives.

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5G & Network Transformation Conference


Netsia and Argela together organized the 5G and Network Transformation Conference in Istanbul, Turkey on 18th October 2018 with valuable contribution of Istanbul Technical University.
The conference brought together the contributors of 5G from various fields and perspectives. Speakers from non-profit and open source standardization organizations, global telecoms operators, world class educational institutions, technology giants and governmental bodies enriched the conference with their presence and talked about 5G’s development, what it will bring and how we must transform our infrastructure to development, what it will bring and how we must transform our infrastructure to completely enable 5G.

You can access conference presentations and publications below

  1. About Netsia
  2. Guru TurkTelekom Argela Workshop
  3. Oguz Sunay Argela Workshop Presentation
  4. Fuat Akyildiz
  5. Jim Wanderer Stratum – Enabling the Next Generation of SDN
  6. Manuel Björn
  7. Programmable Network Architecture – 5G Network Transformation
  8. TT Transformation Workshop
  9. Netsia Argela Conference
  10. Giovanni- 3GPP Radio Status and Evolution
  11. Madhu Netsia MAC – 5G transformation
  12. Amar ONAP Presentation

You can also watch the videos of each speech at our Youtube channel. Click on the link below to go to our channel:


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5G & Network Transformation Conference Registration

Please join us at the 5G & Network Transformation Conference on 18th October, organized by Argela and Netsia with valuable contributions of Istanbul Technical University. We would like to remind that the attendance will be limited so make sure you RSVP. Conference agenda, venue and registration info are below in the visual. Don’t miss this great event!

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Netsia and Accelleran demonstrate network and RAN slicing on LTE carrier grade Small Cells

Netsia and Accelleran will be  at the Small Cell World Summit Americas in San Jose where the two companies will be together presenting a live demonstration of dynamically programmable RAN Slicing on Accelleran’s carrier grade E1000 Series Small Cells. The live demo will be done with Netsia’s SDN-based RAN Slicing technology ProgRAN and Accelleran’s flexible RAN Control Plane small cell software solution. For more information, check out the link below:


SDxCentral speaks to Netsia

Sue Marek from SDxCentral spoke to Netsia executives about its  LTE virtual radio access network (vRAN) platform, ProgRAN and its successful integration  into Telefonica’s  virtualization project at its lab in Madrid, Spain. For more, visit the link below:



Netsia has Integrated its Private LTE Demo Platform into Telefonica’s Global Network Labs

Netsia and Telefonica have completed the successful integration of Netsia’s Private LTE Demo Platform into Telefonica’s Global Network Labs located in Madrid.

The integration of Netsia’s programmable Software Defined Network (SDN)-based Radio Access Network framework ProgRAN into Telefonica’s Labs has proven that SDN/NFV techniques can be successfully applied to the RAN.

ProgRAN, which reproduces a Private LTE network with the ability to sub-divide the network into multiple slices at RAN level offers different performances, latencies, and radio resources to different sets of customers.

For more information please visit the link below:

Netsia participated at the ONAP Mini Summit Closing Panel  

On October 12th 2017, Argela attended the ONAP Mini Summit Closing Panel, which was organized within Layer123 SDN&NFV World Congress at the Hague, Netherlands.   The participants of the panel consisted of  representatives from various vendors, telecom operators and Netsia, and was moderated by Arpit Joshipura, GM of Networking, Linux Foundation. The panel’s main focus was the consumption of ONAP.   During the panel, Netsia’s Bora Eliaçik talked about several use cases and implementation strategies for ONAP and stressed that end-to-end slicing is a critical feature of 5G technology.   “We are proud to be receiving significant interest in our RAN slicing technology, ProgRAN. We are currently working on a number of trials and are planning to integrate ONAP and M-CORD for ONAP to become ready for end-to-end sliceable mobile networks.” said Eliaçık.   Over 2,000 executives, decision makers, leaders and activists met during the 4 day event at the Hague where face-to-face knowledge about various subjects were exchanged.

Netsia demonstrated ProgNET and ProgRAN at the MWC Americas 

Netsia participated at the first ever World Mobile Congress Americas between September 12-14 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California. The Congress this year hosted more than 1,000 companies and 21,000 attendees from 110 countries. NETSIA attended the event with its Secure Software Defined Network solution for enterprises, ProgNET. ProgNET’s cyber self-defense capabilities along with its flexible routing, real time network discovery and network slicing capabilities were demonstrated at the Netsia booth. NETSIA’s programmable radio access network (RAN) ProgRAN solution was also present at the ONF booth. Attendees were able to experience ProgRAN’s features which include dynamically Programmable RAN and Profile Based Software-Defined Virtualization.

Netsia’s ProgRAN Shortlisted in 5G World Awards

Netsia has been shortlisted for 5G World Awards in the category of “Biggest Contribution to 5G Research and Development” with its ProgRAN technology. ProgRAN is an SDN-based, fully programmable C-RAN architecture that allows for dynamic RAN slicing.

The award ceremony will take place in London on June 29th 2016.
For more information: https://5gworldevent.com/

Netsia conducts successful 5G Network slicing demo on M-CORD

On August 16, 2016, Netsia announced a successful Proof of Concept (PoC) programmable network slicing technology for 5G networks on its M-CORD reference platform. Netsia’s 5G slicing technology PoC enables the virtual partitioning of both the radio access network and the core network components of the cellular network as well as orchestration of end-to-end slicing, effectively enabling ‘network-as-a-service’ for different use and business cases.

Netsia is a member and an active contributor at ON.Lab and focuses mainly on Mobile CORD (M-CORD), which actively develops an open service delivery platform. M-CORD is designed to provide data center economies and cloud agility to mobile service providers through the use of SDN and NFV. Netsia’s success is the first M-CORD rack outside ON.Lab,