5G & Network Transformation Conference

18 October 2018
5G & Network Transformation Conference

Netsia and Argela together organized the 5G and Network Transformation Conference in Istanbul, Turkey on 18th October 2018 with valuable contribution of Istanbul Technical University.
The conference brought together the contributors of 5G from various fields and perspectives. Speakers from non-profit and open source standardization organizations, global telecoms operators, world class educational institutions, technology giants and governmental bodies enriched the conference with their presence and talked about 5G’s development, what it will bring and how we must transform our infrastructure to development, what it will bring and how we must transform our infrastructure to completely enable 5G.

You can access conference presentations and publications below

  1. About Netsia
  2. Guru TurkTelekom Argela Workshop
  3. Oguz Sunay Argela Workshop Presentation
  4. Fuat Akyildiz
  5. Jim Wanderer Stratum – Enabling the Next Generation of SDN
  6. Manuel Björn
  7. Programmable Network Architecture – 5G Network Transformation
  8. TT Transformation Workshop
  9. Netsia Argela Conference
  10. Giovanni- 3GPP Radio Status and Evolution
  11. Madhu Netsia MAC – 5G transformation
  12. Amar ONAP Presentation

You can also watch the videos of each speech at our Youtube channel. Click on the link below to go to our channel:


Take a look at the conference agenda and don’t miss the next one!

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