With Netsia SEBA+ solution’s innovative virtualized and microservices-based architecture, Chunghwa Telecom aims to maintain its pioneer and leader position in broadband networks in Taiwan.
03 July 2021


With Netsia SEBA+ solution’s innovative virtualized and microservices-based architecture, Chunghwa Telecom aims to maintain its pioneer and leader position in broadband networks in Taiwan.

Taoyuan/Sunnyvale, July 1st, 2021.- Chunghwa Telecom and Netsia have successfully completed the integration of Netsia SEBA+ Solution into Chunghwa Telecom’s Labs located in Taoyuan, Taiwan.

Chunghwa Telecom, the biggest network operator in Taiwan, as part of its virtualized and disaggregated broadband network strategy took an important step towards an open and disaggregated architecture, and thus, providing world-class, modern, high quality and high speed broadband services and evaluated Netsia’s SEBA+ solution.

Netsia, a leading R&D company on telco edge cloud solutions for telecom operators, actively works on innovative access network technologies. The company has been contributing to ONOS, CORD, P4 and SEBA open source projects of Open Networking Foundation for almost a decade. Also, understanding the telco-grade requirements of telco operators, Netsia brings and merges best of both worlds and provides advanced distributions of open source projects.

Netsia SEBA+ solution, which is based on ONF’s SDN-Enabled Broadband Access (SEBA) reference architecture, provides network operators with a hardened, supported and production-ready distribution of the open source SEBA platform. SEBA ensures faster service enablement leveraging the economies of white box hardware with a cloud native software architecture. SEBA enables operators to extend software defined programming to the fixed access network with customized support for each operator’s unique services and workflows. Netsia SEBA+ proves to be the most versatile solution on the market, as it is suitable for multi-play network operators for both brown and green field deployments as well as for broadband service providers of all segments across the globe, including the national broadband networks.

Chunghwa Telecom tested Netsia SEBA+ solution comprehensively in their network environment, to ensure that the solution provides the necessary functionality needed for Chunghwa Telecom network requirements. Tests are completed in a full XGSPON environment using Edgecore white box OLTs and ONU equipment from different hardware vendors. This also ensured that Netsia SEBA+ breaks any vendor lock for hardware components in an operator’s access network. Integration and testing was achieved with a live BNG.

Dr. Lin, the President of Chunghwa Telecom Laboratories, notes that: “To effectively consolidate the potential of development, production, and marketing, while leveraging the technical capability to build a robust ecosystem, is not only a challenge but also an opportunity for Chunghwa Telecom. Chunghwa Telecom Laboratories embraces open networking standards and will continue our collaboration with software/hardware partners in exploring the advantages of network infrastructure and cloud architecture.”

Bora Eliaçık, Netsia’s Vice President says: “Chunghwa Telecom as a world leading visionary operator is pioneering the SDN based virtualized broadband arena and it is our pleasure to accompany them in this fantastic journey with our Netsia SEBA+ solution which helps the operators to break up the silos in their access network and brings them a very powerful, centralized management for the whole access network”. Eliaçık adds: “SEBA+ allows the broadband access network to adapt itself to different service requirements and customer experience needs. The solution also supports the operators to optimize the CAPEX and OPEX costs by breaking the vendor lock, allowing more controllable and flexible PON networks and thus enabling critical features like Zero Touch Provisioning of new subscribers and services in the network. The extensible and automated monitoring and intelligence capabilities of Netsia SEBA+ also ensures the best quality of service for the operator and the customers. Our cooperation with Chunghwa Telecom team was extremely fruitful. They tested our solution in detail to ensure that our solution is ready for live deployment in their network. We thank all the Chunghwa Telecom team for their collaboration throughout the process and look forward to continuing our successful cooperation.”.

About Chunghwa Telecom:

Chunghwa Telecom is the largest integrated telecommunication service provider in Taiwan, with leading offerings in domestic and international fixed communication, mobile communication, broadband, and internet services.

In addition to these traditional services, the Company also provides information and communication technology services to enterprise customers with big data, information security, cloud computing and IDC capabilities, and is expanding businesses into innovative technology services such as IoT, AI, etc. All of these capabilities and offerings aim to create an optimal communication environment to enable wonderful and convenient digital life-style, as well as to serve as a key partner for other international telecommunication service providers.

In recent years, the Company has been actively involved in Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and has attained various domestic and international awards and recognition. The Company aims to realize its ambitions and implement full scale CSR by upholding the highest standards of governance principles with legalized governance framework.

About Netsia:

Netsia, a US subsidiary of Argela, is based in Sunnyvale in the heart of Silicon Valley. With key architects, engineers and product people, Netsia is developing leading edge solutions for the telecom industry with development and implementation support from Argela.

NETSIA is in active participation with open source communities and standards bodies and provides enriched, telco-grade, and supported distributions of the open source platforms in a continuous manner. Netsia SEBA+ is an example of such distributions, based on ONF SEBA Open Source Platform.

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