5G & Network Transformation Conference Registration

Please join us at the 5G & Network Transformation Conference on 18th October, organized by Argela and Netsia with valuable contributions of Istanbul Technical University. We would like to remind that the attendance will be limited so make sure you RSVP. Conference agenda, venue and registration info are below in the visual. Don’t miss this […]

Netsia and Accelleran demonstrate network and RAN slicing on LTE carrier grade Small Cells

Netsia and Accelleran will be  at the Small Cell World Summit Americas in San Jose where the two companies will be together presenting a live demonstration of dynamically programmable RAN Slicing on Accelleran’s carrier grade E1000 Series Small Cells. The live demo will be done with Netsia’s SDN-based RAN Slicing technology ProgRAN and Accelleran’s flexible […]

SDxCentral speaks to Netsia

Sue Marek from SDxCentral spoke to Netsia executives about its  LTE virtual radio access network (vRAN) platform, ProgRAN and its successful integration  into Telefonica’s  virtualization project at its lab in Madrid, Spain. For more, visit the link below: https://www.sdxcentral.com/articles/news/netsias-platform-lets-operators-slice-dice-ran/2017/12/